29 June 2015
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29 June 2015,

Is a big move staring you in the face right now? Whether you’re moving cross country or to another property locally, every move is a big move. There is so much planning to do and of course all the hard manual labor, right? Well, you can take the manual labor out of the equation as well as many other things if you call on movers Los Angeles to help you with your local or cross county moving needs. Consider these tips when planning out your move and selecting the right moving company to help you.


When scheduling your move, you need to keep in mind two key facts. First, you want to ensure that you plan the move well enough ahead of time, giving yourself time to prepare and giving the moving company time to fulfill your requirement. Of course, when selecting a moving company, some people do not always have time on their side. So, you also want to count on a moving company that can be your solution at the drop of a hat.

That being said, the second key fact you need to keep in mind when scheduling your move is that moving companies in Los Angeles are busier during certain times of the year. Can you take a guess as to what time of year that would be? It would be during the summer, when all of the kids are out of school.

Researching Companies

You’ve been told to check licenses and insurance for hiring these types of services, but what does that really mean? Specifically when it comes to licensing, there are certain requirements for movers that are going to be taking your belongings across state lines. For example, they need to be carrying a USDOT License. When researching this, you simply have to find the license number when looking over their MCR Listing.

Naturally, you can find a bunch of ratings for and personal reviews about these companies online. But, if you believed every review that you read, you would just be going in circles. What you do is read through the reviews, looking for level-headed personal reviews that teach you something and tell you more about what to expect from hiring that specific moving company. Of course, making sure you’re getting the reviews from respected, unbiased websites is crucial.

The Estimate

Again, you surely have heard that you need to have everything put in writing, too. But, do you know the differences in estimates, such as binding and non-binding? Pay close attention to what you’re told and especially to what is on paper. Whatever isn’t on paper needs to be, and that includes not only the estimate but the bill of lading and the inventory list of everything that is packed and ready to move.

Take a no nonsense approach to moving by calling the professionals, whom are licensed and experienced, to help you out. Los Angeles moving companies are ready to move you anywhere across LA or across the entire country. From East Coast to West Coast and from top to bottom, they have you covered.

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